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: 2011  |  Volume : 2  |  Issue : 3  |  Page : 217-

Stem cells help Serb's heart beat

G Sivagnanam 
 Section Editor, JPP, India

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G Sivagnanam
Department of Pharmacology, Indira Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute, Kadhirkamam, Puducherry

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In a desperate bid to revive a Serbian engineer's failing heart, cardiologists at a city hospital injected stem cells into her cardiac muscles. Dr. K. M. Cherien of Frontier Lifeline, said, "We first tried using stem cells to treat a 4-month-old's cardiac disorder five years ago. Today the child is alive and doing extremely well." [1]


"One of the potential applications of human stem cells is to test new drugs. Differentiated cells generated from human pluripotent cell lines could be tested for drug efficacy as well as safety. Current knowledge of the signals that precisely control and generate pure populations of differentiated cells is far short of expectations. However, stem cells offer the possibility of a renewable source of replacement cells and tissues to treat Alzheimer's disease, spinal cord injury, stroke, burns, heart diseases, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis". [2]

Autologous or allogenic bone marrow cells (from which mononuclear, endothelial precursor [CD34+ or AC133 cells], or stromal [pluripotent mesenchymal] cells are derived) used for therapy have the ability to turn into any type of tissue. The proposed mechanisms of cellular therapy (in cardiac diseases like failure or infarction) are (a) angiogenesis (marrow cells may be able to secrete multiple potentially angiogenic substances as well as differentiate into cells that create new blood vessels), (b) myogenesis, transdifferentiation of bone-marrow-derived cells into heart muscle cells. [3]

If somebody is murmuring whether sperms and ova can also be derived from stem cells, then the answer is a big YES (connect yourself to the following pages [4],[5] ). Stay tuned to respective channels for more interesting developments.


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